These are the frequent questions our customers usually approach us with

We’ve offered to answer them upfront on our website so that they shouldn’t not only  provide quick information, but also help improve customer, supporting customer inquiries, aiding decision making, clarifying policies, and enhancing search engine visibility.

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What Happens After I Place An Order?

1. After an order is placed an invoice email is sent to the address you provided.

2.1.  If you’ve decided to pay via CashApp, You will receive an email from our sales Team “Awaiting Payment” providing you with an email addresse on which you will make your payment on.

2.2.  If you’ve decided to pay via Paypal , You will equally receive an email from our sales Team with status “Awaiting Payment” providing you with an email addresse on which you will make your payment on, NB : PayPal has policies against transactions involving firearms and ammunition. Therefore to make the payment process as easy and secure as possible, we kindly request that you send your payment through the “Family and Friends” option on PayPal.

2.3. Once funds have been deposited through CashApp or Paypal to the unique email addresse we provided to you, you will receive an email notification with an order status changed from “Awaiting Payment” to “Payment Completed“. Please give us 10-30 minutes to receive and verify funds, generally no additional emails to us are required.

3. As the carrier picks up the package from our warehouse to your shipping addresse the order status will be updated to “Shipped”, with an email including tracking information sent. If the tracking is not available please wait 24 hours to let the carrier website update with the information.

4. If a pickup is neccessary  , an email will be sent with the status of the order changed to “Awaiting Pickup“. If you haven’t been contacted, then a representative will be reaching out to you shortly.

5. You now have well priced firearms goods in your possession begging to be shot. Mission accomplished.

What methods can I use to determine the shipping cost and estimated delivery time?

We provide a flat shipping rate of $25 for all our firearms and ammunition.

A flat shipping rate is a fixed fee charged for shipping a package, regardless of its weight, size, or destination. It simplifies the shipping process by offering a consistent rate, making it easier our customers to understand and plan for shipping costs. read more about our flat shipping rate on our  Shipping Policy Page

Use coupon code “Am451” for a 10%  off orders over $350. Everything ships within 24 hours, same day if ordered in the morning!

Do you ship to the Canada?

No, we don’t.

How long does it take for orders to ship out?

Everything ships within 24 hours, same day if ordered in the morning!

Is it possible to make a pre-order for an item that is currently unavailable ?

Considering the prevailing circumstances in the industry, we typically refrain from accepting pre-orders due to the extended wait times, which can range from months to even years. However, we do evaluate exceptions on an individual basis, primarily for firearm-related items.

In most cases, the recommended approach is to enter your email address in the “newsletter” provided on the footer. By doing so, you will receive an email notification promptly when we replenish our inventory.

Where can I find your physical location?

We operate as a small shop based in Columbia. However, currently, we don’t have a physical storefront for visitation. Nevertheless, we encourage you to look for us at local gun shows and sport shooting events!

Can you confirm the availability of a specific item?

We only sell what we have on hand. So if it’s listed on the site, it will be wrapped up and shipped out within 24 hours. The rare exception is when we have a stock error, in which case you will be notified promptly with options for refund or replacement.

If something isn’t in stock, add yourself to the “newsletter” .  just a specific list that will be first to know once we are restocked!

How do I find X item?

How do I find said item? The best way is the search bar at the top, where you can search by product, brand, or keyword (think calibre, grain or shot size).

Alternatively if you want to browse, use the filtering system via an appropriate category on our shop page (if you’re not sure use “Shop All”). You can find the filters on the left on desktop, and top right on mobile. Options to narrow down results include calibre, price, only “in stock” items and more!

Finally if you can’t find what you’re looking for hit the live chat or email us to speak to a one of us. We’re Always happy to help the fellas!

Can I cancel an order After Payments?

Our goal is to ship every order out as quickly as possible. Regretfully, we are rarely able to cancel an order once processing has begun on it.

Can I add items to an already placed order?


No. We are unable to facilitate this request. You will have to place a new Order and follow thesame payment procedure.

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