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Exploring 327 Federal Magnum Ammo in the United States

In the realm of firearms and ammunition, there exists a vast array of options designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of gun enthusiasts. One such option that has gained attention and popularity in recent years is the 327 Federal Magnum ammo. This article delves into the details of this ammunition type, its characteristics, uses, and availability in the United States.

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327 federal magnum ammo

Understanding the 327 Federal Magnum Ammo

What Is 327 Federal Magnum Ammo?

At its core, the 327 Federal Magnum ammo is a potent cartridge designed for handguns. It was introduced in 2007 by Federal Cartridge Company, a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, and quickly made its mark in the firearms community. The 327 Federal Magnum is known for its exceptional stopping power and versatility.

Specifications and Dimensions

The 327 Federal Magnum ammo boasts a relatively compact design compared to other magnum cartridges. It typically has a bullet diameter of .312 inches and a case length of 1.20 inches. This compact size makes it suitable for revolvers and other compact handguns.

327 federal magnum ammo

Ballistics and Performance

Despite its small size, the 327 Federal Magnum packs a punch. It offers impressive velocity and energy, making it an excellent choice for self-defense applications. Ballistically, it falls between the .357 Magnum and the .38 Special, striking a balance between power and recoil.

Uses and Applications


One of the primary applications of the 327 Federal Magnum ammo is self-defense. Its combination of power and manageable recoil makes it a favored choice among individuals seeking reliable protection. Whether for concealed carry or home defense, this cartridge provides peace of mind.


While not as common as other magnum cartridges for hunting, the 327 Federal Magnum can still be used effectively for small to medium-sized game. It delivers sufficient energy to take down animals like deer and hogs when used by skilled marksmen.

Target Shooting

Target shooters also appreciate the 327 Federal Magnum for its accuracy and precision. The mild recoil allows for extended practice sessions without excessive fatigue, making it an excellent choice for honing one’s marksmanship skills.

Availability in the United States

Local Gun Stores

The 327 Federal Magnum ammo is readily available in most local gun stores across the United States. It can be found in various bullet types, including hollow points and full metal jacket rounds. Prices may vary depending on the brand and quantity.

327 federal magnum ammo

Online Retailers

For those looking for a wider selection and competitive prices, numerous online retailers stock the 327 Federal Magnum ammo. Shopping online allows customers to compare different brands, read reviews, and find the best deals.

Ammunition Manufacturers

Several renowned ammunition manufacturers produce 327 Federal Magnum cartridges, ensuring a consistent supply. Brands like Federal Premium, Hornady, and Speer offer quality options that cater to different preferences.


In conclusion, the 327 Federal Magnum ammo has carved out a niche for itself in the world of firearms and ammunition. Its compact size, impressive ballistics, and versatility make it a compelling choice for self-defense, hunting, and target shooting. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a novice, exploring the capabilities of this cartridge can be a rewarding experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is the 327 Federal Magnum ammo suitable for concealed carry?
    • Yes, the 327 Federal Magnum is a viable option for concealed carry due to its manageable recoil and stopping power.
  2. What makes the 327 Federal Magnum unique compared to other magnum cartridges?
    • The 327 Federal Magnum stands out for its compact size, which allows it to be used in smaller handguns while still delivering impressive performance.
  3. Can I use 327 Federal Magnum ammo for home defense?
    • Absolutely, the cartridge’s combination of power and accuracy makes it an excellent choice for home defense applications.
  4. Are there any specific handguns designed for the 327 Federal Magnum caliber?
    • Yes, many firearm manufacturers produce handguns chambered for the 327 Federal Magnum, offering a variety of options to choose from.
  5. Where can I purchase 327 Federal Magnum ammo online?
    • You can find a wide selection of 327 Federal Magnum ammo from reputable online retailers. Be sure to read reviews and compare prices for the best deal.

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