338 win mag : Buy the Best 338 Winchester Magnum Ammunition (Winchester) 200 Grain 20 Rounds




Specifications For Winchester POWER MAX BONDED .338 Winchester Magnum 200 Grain Bonded Rapid Expansion Protected Hollow Point Brass Cased Centerfire Rifle Ammunition:

Caliber: .338 Winchester Magnum
Number of Rounds: 20
Bullet Type: Bonded Rapid Expansion Protected Hollow Point (BREPHP)
Bullet Weight: 200 grain
Cartridge Case Material: Brass
Muzzle Velocity: 2960 ft/s
Primer Location: Centerfire
Muzzle Energy: 3890 ft-lbs

Exploring the Power of the .338 Win Mag in the United States


When it comes to firearms, the .338 Win Mag holds a special place in the hearts of many shooting enthusiasts in the United States. Known for its incredible power and versatility, this cartridge has become a favorite among hunters and sports shooters alike. In this article, we will delve into the world of the .338 Win-Mag, exploring its history, applications, and why it has gained such popularity in the United States.

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338 win mag

Understanding the .338 Win Mag

What is the .338 Win-Mag?

The .338 Winchester Magnum, often referred to as the .338 Win-Mag, is a powerful rifle cartridge developed in the early 1950s. It is a belted, bottlenecked cartridge with a reputation for delivering exceptional long-range performance and accuracy.

History and Development

The .338 Win Mag was developed by Winchester Repeating Arms Company to bridge the gap between the .30-06 Springfield and the larger magnum cartridges of the time. Its design aimed to offer hunters a cartridge capable of taking down big game at extended ranges.

338 win mag

Versatility in Hunting

Big Game Hunting

One of the primary reasons for the .338 Win Mag’s popularity in the United States is its effectiveness in big game hunting. Hunters often turn to this cartridge when pursuing large animals like elk, moose, and bear. Its superior stopping power and flat trajectory make it a reliable choice for taking down these formidable creatures.

Long-Range Precision

The .338 Win-Mag’s flat trajectory and excellent long-range performance also make it a favorite among sports shooters and long-range marksmen. Its versatility allows shooters to engage targets at extended distances with precision.

Comparing .338 Win-Mag to Other Cartridges

.338 Win-Mag vs. .30-06 Springfield

The .30-06 Springfield has long been a popular choice among American hunters. However, the .338 Win Mag surpasses it in terms of energy and long-range capabilities. While the .30-06 remains versatile, the .338 Win-Mag shines in scenarios requiring more power.

338 win mag

.338 Win-Mag vs. .300 Win Mag

Another cartridge often compared to the .338 Win Mag is the .300 Winchester Magnum. While the .300 Win Mag is excellent for long-range shooting, the .338 Win-Mag offers even more power, making it better suited for larger game and longer distances.

The .338 Win-Mag’s Impact in the US

Popularity Among Western Hunters

In the western regions of the United States, where large game hunting is prevalent, the .338 Win Mag has gained a strong following. Its ability to deliver clean and humane kills on big game has made it a trusted companion for hunters.

Sporting Events and Competitions

In the realm of sports shooting, the .338 Win Mag has found its place in various competitions. Shooters appreciate its precision and ability to maintain accuracy at extended ranges.


The .338 Win Mag is more than just a rifle cartridge; it’s a symbol of power and precision in the world of firearms. Its history, versatility, and impact in the United States make it a standout choice for both hunters and sports shooters. Whether you’re stalking game in the woods or hitting targets at the range, the .338 Win-Mag proves its worth time and time again.


1. Is the .338 Win Mag suitable for long-range shooting?

  • Absolutely! The .338 Win-Mag excels at long-range shooting, thanks to its flat trajectory and impressive energy.

2. What kind of game can I hunt with a .338 Win-Mag?

  • You can hunt a variety of game with this cartridge, including elk, moose, bear, and more.

3. How does the .338 Win-Mag compare to other popular cartridges?

  • It outperforms many cartridges, offering more power and versatility for both hunting and sports shooting.

4. What regions in the United States favor the .338 Win-Mag?

  • Western states with abundant large game populations tend to favor the .338 Win-Mag.

5. Where can I access more information about the .338 Win-Mag?

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