338 win mag : Buy the Best Winchester Expedition Big Game Ammunition 338 Winchester Magnum 225 Grain Nosler AccuBond Box of 20





Product Information

Cartridge 338 Win Magnum
Grain Weight 225 Grains
Quantity 20 Round
Muzzle Velocity 2800 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 3918 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style Bonded Polymer Tip
Bullet Brand And Model Nosler AccuBond
Lead Free No
Case Type Nickel Plated
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.548
Sectional Density 0.281
Velocity Rating Supersonic
Country of Origin United States of America

Understanding the .338 Win Mag Cartridge in the United States


The world of firearms and ammunition is diverse, with a wide array of choices available to shooters. One of the cartridges that has gained popularity in the United States, particularly among hunters and long-range shooting enthusiasts, is the .338 Win Mag. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the .338 Win-Mag cartridge, its history, ballistics, applications, and why it’s so cherished by American firearm enthusiasts.

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338 win mag

History of the .338 Win-Mag

The .338 Winchester Magnum, often abbreviated as .338 Win Mag, was introduced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1958. This magnum cartridge was designed to fill the gap between the .30-06 Springfield and the .375 H&H Magnum. The .338 Win-Mag quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional versatility and power, making it a sought-after choice among hunters and shooters.

Ballistics and Performance

1. Caliber and Bullet Options

The .338 Win Mag is a versatile cartridge available in various bullet weights and types, including soft-point, hollow-point, and polymer-tipped bullets. This variety allows shooters to customize their ammunition for specific game and shooting scenarios.

2. Velocity and Energy

Known for its impressive velocity and energy, the .338 Win-Mag is capable of launching bullets at high speeds. This results in excellent long-range performance, making it suitable for big game hunting and target shooting alike.

338 win mag

3. Recoil

While the .338 Win Mag delivers substantial power, it also produces significant recoil. Shooters should be prepared for a stout kick when firing this cartridge, which is something to consider when choosing it for your shooting activities.


1. Big Game Hunting

The .338 Win-Mag is a favorite among American big game hunters. Its combination of power and flat trajectory makes it ideal for taking down large game animals like elk, moose, and bears.

2. Long-Range Shooting

For long-range enthusiasts, the .338 Win Mag’s ballistics shine. Shooters can consistently reach targets at extended distances, making it a preferred choice for precision shooting competitions.

3. Military and Law Enforcement

While less common in military and law enforcement circles compared to other cartridges, the .338 Win-Mag has found niche applications, particularly in specialized sniper rifles.

338 win mag

Why Americans Love the .338 Win Mag

The .338 Win-Mag has earned a special place in the hearts of American shooters for several reasons:

  • Versatility: It can handle a wide range of game and shooting scenarios, from hunting to competitive shooting.
  • Power: Its potent performance is suitable for taking down large animals effectively.
  • Accuracy: The cartridge’s ballistic characteristics make it a top choice for long-range shooting.
  • Heritage: Being developed by an iconic American firearms company, it carries a sense of tradition and quality.


In conclusion, the .338 Win Mag has firmly established itself in the United States as a respected and beloved cartridge. Its history, ballistics, and applications make it a versatile choice for both hunters and long-range shooters. Whether you’re stalking big game in the wilderness or competing on the shooting range, the .338 Win-Mag is a cartridge that continues to capture the imagination of firearm enthusiasts.


1. Is the .338 Win Mag suitable for hunting in all states?

  • The legality of using the .338 Win-Mag for hunting varies by state. Check your local hunting regulations before using it.

2. What type of rifle is best for the .338 Win-Mag?

  • Bolt-action rifles are commonly used with the .338 Win-Mag due to their strength and accuracy.

3. Are there reduced-recoil loads available for the .338 Win-Mag?

  • Yes, some manufacturers offer reduced-recoil loads to help mitigate the cartridge’s stout recoil.

4. How does the .338 Win Mag compare to the .300 Win Mag?

  • The .338 Win Mag typically offers larger bullet diameters and heavier projectiles, making it more suitable for big game hunting.

5. Can I reload .338 Win Mag ammunition at home?

  • Yes, reloading equipment and components are available for those interested in handloading their .338 Win Mag cartridges.

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