38 special brass – Armscor Brass 100ct



38 Special Brass Cases – are once fired brass has been magnetically screened, machine sorted and hand inspected.


Product overview on 38 special brass

38 Special brass ammunition is a type of handgun ammunition that is commonly used for target shooting, self-defense, and hunting. The brass casing provides a higher level of durability and reliability compared to other types of handgun ammunition.

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One of the main advantages of using 38 Special brass ammunition is that it is widely available. Many manufacturers produce 38 special casing ammunition, and it can be found at most gun stores and online retailers. Additionally, .38 spl brass ammunition is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of handgun ammunition, making it a cost-effective choice for shooters.

The 38 Special cartridge has been around for over a century, it’s a well-known round among shooters and is known for its accuracy, dependability and versatility. It is suitable for both target shooting and self-defense. The round is also popular among revolver shooters and is often used in medium-frame revolvers.

38 special brass

once fired 38 special brass

When choosing 38 special brass for sale ammunition, it is important to select high-quality ammunition that has been properly loaded and inspected. This will help ensure that the ammunition will function properly and provide consistent performance. It’s also recommended to use the ammunition that is made by reputable manufacturers and is designed for the specific purpose (such as target shooting, self-defense, or hunting).

In conclusion, 38 special casing ammunition is an excellent choice for shooters due to its reliability, availability, and cost-effectiveness. It’s a versatile cartridge that can be used for a variety of purposes, from target shooting to self-defense. Choosing high-quality ammunition from reputable manufacturers is essential to ensure the best performance and safety.

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