5.45×39 ammo : Unleash Precision with 5.45x39mm Ammunition (Red Army Standard) 59 Grain 20 Rounds Buy Now!




Specifications For Red Army Standard AM2428 Red Army Standard 5.45x39mm 59 Gr Full Metal Jacket Boa:

Caliber: 5.45x39mm Ammo
Number of Rounds: 20
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJBT)
Bullet Weight: 59 grain
Cartridge Case Material: Steel
Primer Location: Centerfire

The Growing Popularity of 5.45×39 Ammo in the United States

In recent years, firearm enthusiasts in the United States have seen a surge in interest in the 5.45×39 ammunition, a cartridge with roots in the Soviet Union. This article explores the reasons behind the growing popularity of 5.45×39 ammo in the United States, its origins, applications, and what makes it a preferred choice among gun owners.

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5.45x39 ammo

Understanding 5.45×39 Ammo

Before diving into the reasons for its popularity, let’s start with the basics. The 5.45×39 ammunition is a rifle cartridge initially developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War era. It was primarily designed for the AK-74 rifle, the successor to the iconic AK-47. The cartridge is characterized by its 5.45mm bullet diameter and 39mm case length, hence the name.

The Soviet Origins

The story of 5.45×39 ammo begins in the 1970s when the Soviet military sought a replacement for the 7.62x39mm cartridge used in the AK-47. Their objective was to create a cartridge that was lighter, had less recoil, and offered superior accuracy. The result was the 5.45×39, which was first introduced in the AK-74 rifle in 1974.

5.45x39 ammo

Adoption in the United States

While the 5.45×39 cartridge was initially developed for Soviet military use, it found its way to the United States due to surplus ammunition imports. This surplus ammunition became popular among American firearm enthusiasts because of its affordability compared to other rifle cartridges.

5.45x39 ammo

Reasons for Popularity

Several factors contribute to the growing popularity of 5.45×39 ammo in the United States:

Ammunition Availability

The availability of surplus 5.45×39 ammunition, often imported from countries like Russia and Ukraine, has made it a cost-effective choice for shooters. This surplus ammo is typically sold in bulk and provides an affordable option for target practice and training.

Firearms Chambered for 5.45×39

The increasing availability of firearms chambered for 5.45×39 has played a crucial role in its popularity. Many firearm manufacturers now produce rifles and pistols chambered for this cartridge, giving shooters a wide selection of platforms to choose from.

Performance and Ballistics

The 5.45×39 cartridge offers impressive ballistics, with a relatively flat trajectory and good accuracy at medium ranges. Shooters appreciate its consistent performance, making it suitable for competitions and precision shooting.

Historical Appeal

Some firearm enthusiasts are drawn to the historical significance of the 5.45×39 cartridge. Its connection to Soviet-era firearms and the AK-74 rifle adds to its allure, making it a collector’s item for some.


In conclusion, the 5.45×39 ammo has found a solid foothold in the United States’ firearms community. Its affordability, versatility, and historical significance have contributed to its growing popularity among gun enthusiasts. Whether for target practice, hunting, or collecting, the 5.45×39 cartridge continues to make its mark in the world of firearms. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, you can access additional resources here.


  1. Is 5.45×39 ammo readily available in the United States?
    • Yes, it is available, primarily as surplus ammunition.
  2. What firearms are chambered for 5.45×39?
    • Many AK-74 variants and some AR-15-style rifles can be chambered for this cartridge.
  3. How does the 5.45×39 cartridge compare to the 7.62×39 in terms of performance?
    • It has less recoil and offers better accuracy at longer ranges.
  4. Can I use 5.45×39 ammo for self-defense?
    • While it is possible, other cartridges like 5.56×45 are more commonly recommended for self-defense due to better terminal ballistics.
  5. Where can I find more information about 5.45×39 ammunition and firearms?

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