6.5×55 swede : Unleash Precision with Federal Power-Shok Ammunition 6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser 140 Grain Soft Point Moly Box of 20 Buy Now!





Product Information

Cartridge 6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser
Grain Weight 140 Grains
Quantity 20 Round
Muzzle Velocity 2650 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 2183 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style Jacketed Soft Point
Lead Free No
Case Type Brass
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.438
Velocity Rating Supersonic
Country of Origin United States of America

6.5×55 Swede: A Hidden Gem in the United States


When it comes to firearms and ammunition, the United States is known for its diverse array of calibers and cartridges. While some have gained widespread popularity, there are hidden gems that only a few enthusiasts are aware of. One such treasure is the 6.5×55 Swede, a versatile and effective cartridge that has quietly made its mark in the American shooting scene. In this article, we’ll explore the 6.5x55Swede and its growing presence in the United States.

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6.5x55 swede


The History of the 6.5×55 Swede

A European Origin

The 6.5x55Swede, also known as the 6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser, has its roots in Europe. It was developed in the late 19th century by the Swedish government for military use. The goal was to create a cartridge that offered superior long-range accuracy and performance. With a case capacity designed for optimal powder loadings, the 6.5×55 Swede quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional ballistics.

Military Service

The 6.5x55Swede served as the standard cartridge for the Swedish military for many years. Its combination of manageable recoil and excellent accuracy made it a favorite among soldiers and marksmen. Even after being phased out from military service, the cartridge continued to thrive in civilian hands.

6.5x55 swede

The Versatility of the 6.5×55-Swede

Hunting Excellence

One of the primary reasons for the 6.5×55 Swede‘s resurgence in the United States is its outstanding performance in hunting. The cartridge is well-suited for a wide range of game, from deer to elk. Its moderate recoil ensures that shooters can maintain accuracy while enjoying a comfortable shooting experience.

Long-Range Precision

Long-range shooters have also embraced the 6.5x55Swede for its impressive precision. With the right rifle and load combination, it can deliver exceptional accuracy even at extended distances. This has made it a preferred choice for competitive shooters and precision enthusiasts.

6.5x55 swede

Ammunition Availability

In recent years, the availability of 6.5×55 Swede ammunition in the United States has improved significantly. This means that shooters no longer need to rely on imported cartridges, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Why Choose the 6.5×55-Swede?

Mild Recoil

One of the standout features of the 6.5×55-Swede is its mild recoil. This makes it an ideal choice for shooters of all levels, including those who may be sensitive to heavy recoil.

Impressive Ballistics

The 6.5mm bullet diameter, coupled with the cartridge’s well-designed case, results in impressive ballistics. Shooters can expect flat trajectories and excellent energy retention downrange.

Long-Range Potential

For those looking to engage targets at extended distances, the 6.5×55 Swede offers exceptional long-range potential. Its accuracy and ballistic performance make it a formidable choice for precision shooting.

The Growing Popularity

In recent years, the 6.5×55 Swede has gained a following in the United States. Shooters and hunters alike are discovering its capabilities and benefits. With a rich history and a track record of excellence, it’s no wonder that this cartridge is finally getting the recognition it deserves.


The 6.5×55 Swede may have originated in Europe, but it has found a new home in the United States. Its versatility, mild recoil, and impressive ballistics make it a compelling choice for hunters and shooters across the nation. As the popularity of this hidden gem continues to grow, we can expect to see more rifles chambered for the 6.5x55Swede and an even broader selection of ammunition options.


1. Is the 6.5×55 Swede suitable for long-range shooting?

Absolutely! The 6.5x55Swede is known for its long-range capabilities, making it a favorite among precision shooters.

2. Can I use the 6.5x55Swede for hunting in the United States?

Yes, the 6.5x55Swede is an excellent choice for hunting various game species found in the United States.

3. Where can I find 6.5x55Swede ammunition in the U.S.?

You can find 6.5×55 Swede ammunition at most well-stocked gun stores and online retailers.

4. What is the typical recoil of the 6.5×55 Swede?

The recoil of the 6.5×55 Swede is known for being mild and manageable, making it suitable for shooters of all levels.

5. Are there any specific rifles recommended for the 6.5×55 Swede?

Several reputable firearm manufacturers produce rifles chambered in 6.5×55 Swede. Research and choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

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