Alliant Extra-Lite Smokeless Powder (1 lb)



Alliant Extra Lite


Smokeless shotshell powder
Our new shotshell propellant provides less cost, less recoil and less headaches for those 12 gauge shooters transitioning from 1 1/8 ounce to 7/8 and 1 ounce loads. We understand that many shooters are looking for a powder that will have a density that allows use of standard components (wads and cases). These same shooters also want pressure levels that guarantee complete combustion across a broad temperature range while still being clean burning. Well… now they have it with Extra-Lite from Alliant Powder®.

Powder density allows use of standard available components (wads and cases)

Pressure level assures complete combustion across temperature ranges

Extremely clean burning
Made in the USA
Lot to Lot consistency

WARNING: this product can expose you to chemicals which are known by the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. for more information go to –


Alliant extra lite

Alliant Powder is one of the broadest and most trusted names in the reloading field. With over a century of experience manufacturing reloading powder, their strict quality control procedures ensure that every container of Alliant Smokeless Powder is consistent in its chemical composition, density, and grain shape and size. Alliant Powder is a good choice whether you’re hunting big game animals or shooting paper targets.

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alliant extra lite

Alliant Powder - Ex.-Lite 1 Lb | First Crown Firearms Online Store

For those 12 Gauge Shooters that are 1:8 ounce to 7:8 and 1 ounce loads, our new Shotshell Propelant provides less cost, less reversal and less headaches. We understand that many shooters look for a density powder to use standard components (wads and cases). The shooters want also pressure levels that ensure a full burn over a wide range of temperatures, while still clean. Now they got it with Alliant Powder® Extra-Lite.

Alliant Extra-Lite Shotshell Smokeless Powder 1 lb 1 Canister - Dance's Sporting Goods

Powder density permits the use of standard components available (wads and cases)

pressure level ensures full burning across temperature ranges.

Very clean combustion

manufactured in the United States

Lot to lot consistency

Alliant Extra-Lite Smokeless Powder (8 lb) - Precision Reloading

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