Alliant Powder – Promo 8lbs



Alliant Promo Powder
Smokeless shotshell powder


America’s number one economy-priced 12 gauge target powder. Promo has the same burn speed as Red Dot, but is more dense, thus requiring a smaller bushing to obtain the same charge weight.

Budget priced
Economical trap, skeet and sporting clay loads

Easy metering and consistent charging

Principal Purpose: Light and standard 12 ga target loads.
Secondary Uses: Handgun loads

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. for more information go to-


Alliant Promo Powder

A centennial of production experience and the most sophisticated quality control processes in the industry support each container of Alliant Smokeless Powder. A ballistics lab continuously examines and tests chemical composition, grain form, size and overall density to ensure consistency.

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Alliant Powder Promo Smokeless Shotshell Powder 8lb | Vance Outdoors

Promo has the same burning speed as the Red Dot offered by Alliant, but is denser and therefore requires a smaller box to obtain the same weight. It easily measures and constantly charges. ideal for 12 ga. loads but also for handgun loads. This can be used.

Alliant Promo - 8LB

The most affordable 12 gauge target powder in the United States. Promo burns at the same rate as Red Dot, but is denser, necessitating a smaller bushing to get the same charge weight.

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Loads of trap, skeet, and sports clay at a low cost.

Metering is simple, and charging is consistent.

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