Alliant Steel Powder – 1lb.



Aliant Steel

Smokeless shotshell powder for steel shot
Special, new powder for waterfowl shotshell gives steel shot high velocity within safe pressure limits for 10 and 12 gauge loads.

Consistent at all temperatures
Maximum velocity

Proven performance
Principal Purpose: Non-toxic hunting shotshell

The only powder designed specifically for steel shotshell and other non-toxic shot.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known by the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


Alliant steel powder

First launched in 1998 was Alliant Steel. The performance bar for steel shot waterfowl loads was raised by Steel. It is a slow burn rate powder – even a bit slower than the traditionally preferred steel shooting charger Blue Dot. This slow rate of burning is the most consistent when heavy loads are used. Steel has in recent years found a new application for Hevi-shot, ITX and other non-toxic hunting loads at higher performance. Like Unique, Steel is fluffy and Alliant recommends that it is not scaled through covers.

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Alliant Steel Powder

Alliant Powder - Steel 1lb. - Alphex Firearms

Alliant STEEL is a powder for steel shot which is smokeless. It is a waterfowl shotshell powder that gives steel shots high speeds for 10 and 12 gage loads within safe pressures.

Alliant Steel Powder

Alliant Steel Reloading Powder 1lb – BushWear

The new special powder for waterfowl shotshell provides high steel shot speeds for 10 and 12 gauge loads within safe pressure limits. purkey loads are also helpful for 2 oz. All-temperature compatibility highest possible speed Performance is proven. Tested the only powder specifically designed for shotshelling steel and other non-toxic shots. The form of grain is smooth.

Alliant Steel 1Lb HCST1 - CDSG Ltd

A hundred years of manufacturing experience and the most sophisticated quality control procedures in the industry support every Alliant Smokeless powder container. In a ballistics laboratory, the chemical composition, the grain form and size and the total density are constantly monitored and tested to ensure consistency.

Steel is a non-toxic, smokless hunting powder that produces 10 and 12-gauge shotshells at a high speed of load. It is consistent at all temperatures and has been demonstrated repeatedly in its performance.

Manufacturer’s warnings:

Do not exceed the loads shown in the guide for reloaders.

No two powders mix, irrespective of type, brand or source.

Do not replace any smokeless powder with Black Powder or Black Powder.

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