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The mosin nagant is one of the most well-known rifles in the world and is likely the most used rifle in all of modern warfare. In this review, we will dive into looking at this dated weapon technology.

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Brief History On Mosin Nagant:

The Mosin Nagant is a misnomer for the three-line rifle M1891 also known as Mosin’s rifle (Russian: винтовкa осина, ISO 9: vintovka Mosina) in Russia and the former Soviet Union. It fires five rounds from an internal magazine. Primarily, it is found in configurations that allow it to fire the 7.62 x 54 mm R cartridge.

The Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and other countries’ armed forces used this system, which was developed between 1882 and 1891. Over 37 million of these military bolt-action rifles have been manufactured since 1891, making it one of the most widely produced firearms ever. Even though it’s quite old, it’s still been utilized in several conflicts all across the world, even in the present day.

When Turkish troops were supplied with Winchester repeating rifles during the Russo-Ottoman War in 1877-1878, they were able to inflict enormous fatalities on Russian troops armed mostly with Berdan single-shot rifles. This was especially true during the terrible Siege of Pleven. Because of this, Russian military leaders realized they needed to upgrade their standard infantry weapon.

The General Armament Unit (GAU) of the Russian Empire’s Ministry of Defense purchased and tested a variety of weaponry beginning in 1889, including the Lebel M1886 imported from France through shady means.

In addition to the replica cartridge and bullet, but minus the primer and smokeless powder, this kit was provided. Russian scientists and engineers have found solutions to those issues (the smokeless powder, for instance, was produced by Dmitri Mendeleev himself).

Three rifles were submitted for testing in 1889: one by Imperial Army Captain Sergei Ivanovich mosin nagant ww2 (.30 cal, 7.62 mm); one by Belgian designer Léon mosin nagant pubg (.35 cal, 9 mm); and one by Captain Zinoviev (also.30 cal, 7.62 mm) (1 “line” = 110 in or 2.54 mm, hence 3 lines Equal 7.62 mm).

After the trials were completed in mosin nagant 1891, the evaluations were mixed. mosin nagant caliber had a more intricate mechanism, and disassembling it was a tedious and tiresome process (requiring special instruments; unscrewing two fasteners was required). The poorer quality of manufacture and materials used in Nagant’s 300 rifles owing to “artisan pre-production” were the primary points of criticism. In the first round of voting, the commission approved of Mosin’s weapon by a score of 14 to 10.

The current commission was rechristened the Panel for Creation of the Small-Bore Rifle (омисси дл врaотки ораа малокалиерноо ру), and the commission’s mandate was expanded to include writing down the precise specifications for this new type of firearm. Final designs were requested, and the innovators complied. After further commission-supervised testing of Mosin’s bolt-action design, the 3-line rifle M1891 (трлинена винтовка ораа 1891 ода) was ordered into production by commission head General Chagin.

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Characteristics on mosin nagant for sale

M1891 and M91/10 infantry rifle M1891 and M91/10 Dragoon rifle M1891/30 M1891/38 M1891/44
Caliber 7.62x54mm R
Action manual operated, rotating bolt
Overall length 1306 mm
1738 mm with bayonet
1234 mm
1666 mm with bayonet
1234 mm
1666 mm with bayonet
1020 mm 1020 mm
Barrel length 800 mm 730 mm 730 mm 510 mm 510 mm
Weight 4.22 kg
4.6 kg with bayonet
3.9 kg
4.28 kg with bayonet
3.8 kg
4.18 kg with bayonet
3.45 kg ~3.9 kg with non-detachable bayonet
Magazine capacity 5 rounds in integral magazine

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